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About Myself...

I had a long and distinguished policing career encompassing all facets of police investigations, developing a reputation for keeping on the leading-edge of investigative techniques and acting as a role model/mentor to junior law enforcement officers. During my service in the uniform branch I served on a Tactical Team, was a Training Officer and a Fitness Trainer.

In the latter 27 yrs of my career I was an Operational Supervisor as well as a Lead Investigator in many units such as Homicide, Robbery, Fraud, Violent Crime, Sexual Assault and Drugs. After retiring I obtained a Duel Security Licence and continued my investigative career within the private sector.

I have conducted investigations on behalf of Provincial Corporations, National Corporations, International Corporations, Charitable Organizations, Law Firms, School Boards, Long Term Care Facilities and Private Entities.

Throughout my private sector career, I have successfully investigated matters involving but not limited to, the following: Workplace Violence, Harassment, Workplace Conduct, Workplace Safety, Application of the Occupation Health & Safety Act, Sexual Assault, Arson, Homicide, Fraud, Theft, Pornography, Network Data Breach and Cyber Crimes.

I was recognized as an early adopter of computer technology within the law enforcement environment. In the early 1990s I developed an intense interest in utilizing computers to optimize investigations, streamline procedures and increase accuracy.

I developed an electronic property tracking system; devised and deployed an electronic document management system for homicide investigations; and conceived a unique electronic brief system which has radically altered and enhanced the investigative, disclosure and trial processes.

I am a recipient of more than 24 Commendations for outstanding work while performing various police duties and investigations. In 2010 I received the Halton Regional Police Services Board 'Excellence in Innovation Award' for designing and implementing a computerized electronic brief used across the Police Service.

In 2011 I was hired by Durham College, Oshawa, Ontario, to develop the curriculum for, and to facilitate the Private Investigators Training Course, a Ministry approved Licensing course. I developed, implemented and still teach the course. I am a Partial Load Professor at Sheridan College, on the Durham College Distance Learning Faculty and a Computer Forensic Examiner.

With a view to providing Investigative Support, Investigative Training and Computer Forensics Examination to the private sector I founded Symmetry Investigation Services Inc.

Alexander Fishbein
President & Founder

Symmetry Investigation Service Inc. with its affiliates and network of associates bridges the gap between private and public interests, providing effective and efficient solutions for your investigative needs. With more than forty years of Investigative experience our firm has the expertise to deal with and manage any investigative task. We assist and support clients ranging from private individuals to International Corporations. Our many years of experience gives us the ability to quickly determine the most efficient and cost effective plan for your needs.We are a contemporary firm utilizing the latest technology combined with good old fashioned common sense.