Symmetry Investigation Services Inc. is a registered Ministry Private Investigator Training Entity. Our company trains and mentors Private Investigators governed under the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, Workplace Investigators under the Health and Safety Act and develops customized workshop training to meet needs specific to a company or corporation. As a recent example, Safety in the Community and Electronic Data Security were developed and recently delivered. Our lead Instructor is a current Investigator, has over 40 years of investigative experience, instructs classes at local Community Colleges and develops our courses.

Our Private Investigator Course is designed according to the training standards prescribed by the Ministry of the Solicitor General under the Private Security and Investigative Services Act. The course content is based on the Ministry.s mandated requirements for eligibility to write the Provincial licensing examination for Private Investigators in the Province of Ontario.


We have had the privilege to lecture members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the Council of Private Investigators of Ontario, Private Corporations and The Ministry of Children and Youth Services. Topics included Criminal Negligence in the Workplace, Digital Evidence, Data Security, Contemporary Fraud Schemes and Safety in the Community.

Our President and Lead Presenter, Alexander Fishbein is a recently retired police detective with thirty eight years of policing experience. Alex served in the uniform branch of policing which included several years with the Tactical and Rescue Unit. The latter 27 years of his career Alex served in the Investigative Area of Policing. During his investigative career Alex was an Operational Supervisor as well as a Lead Investigator in many units such as Homicide, Robbery, Fraud, Violent Crime, Sexual Assault and Drugs. In addition to his duties Alex conducted Forensic Examinations on seized computers, investigated Internet related crimes, conducted training sessions and mentored new Investigators.

A recipient of several law enforcement awards and more than two dozen Commendations for outstanding police work, Alex was recognized as an early adopter of computer technology within the law enforcement environment. In the early 1990s Alex developed an intense interest in utilizing computers to optimize investigation, streamline procedures and increase accuracy. During his long career Alex developed a number of investigative computer systems and in 2010 was awarded “Excellence in Innovation Award” for designing and implementing a computerized electronic brief system used across the Halton Regional Police Service.

Alex is a Senior Investigator and a Forensic Computer Examiner with Symmetry Investigation Services, teaches a number of online courses (Durham College DE faculty), classes at Sheridan College (partial-load Professor), and completed yet another accreditation (CCFE) in Computer Forensic Examination.